DHHS Victorian Seniors Festival

The State of Play

The Victorian Seniors Festival runs every year as a State Government initiative which recognises and celebrates the valuable contribution older people have made to our community. As the festival marked 36 years in 2018, the creative as deemed to be tired and no longer appealing to its target demographic. The opportunity was therefore apparent to clarify the mission of the festival, and to create a new identity which would properly reflect the diversity of its audience.

The Objective

We began our work by defining the brand values at the heart of the festival, which led to a new positioning around telling honest stories. Our new direction for the festival was to take a personal approach, using portraiture and curated lists of words which could describe each individual. This approach hinted at the stories Victoria’s older people have to share, looking past stereotypes to celebrate what makes them unique.

The Result

This new direction was embraced wholeheartedly by the Victorian Seniors Festival as it aligned with their vision. The identity was subsequently rolled out across a range of printed assets from posters and banners to signage outside the Melbourne Town Hall. We also created digital assets for the festival website and social accounts.


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