The Skateboarder's Journal Digital Marketing Strategy

Gaining traction with a unique online audience.

The State Of Play

The Skateboarder’s Journal is the premier publication for skateboarding news in the Australia’s skate community. Spanning 20 years and over 300 issues, the team have explored culture, history, art, travel and technology –  bringing voice, opinion and representation to skateboarders across the country.

The Work

Following the successful launch of the new website, our Digital Marketing team took the team at The Skateboarder’s Journal through an intensive 3-month digital marketing crash course, devising the ongoing through-the-line strategy for monetising their new digital channels.

The Result

The lessons learned from our Digital Marketing Team’s strategy workshops have helped The Skateboarder’s Journal to grow their internal marketing capabilities. The team have been able to build social media and email marketing channels into substantial revenue streams in their own right.