Seidler Group Website

A cross-platform example of online innovation.

The State Of Play

Seidler Group are an award winning fully integrated design and construction company with a reputation for excellence in the luxury home market. With a focus on innovation, technology and craftsmanship, Seidler Group have established themselves as a market leader in interior design, landscaping and building services.

The Objective

The main objective for Yoke in building this website was to demonstrate the Seidler Group offering and expertise. Keeping the end-user front of mind in the information architecture was a core priority, while also emphasising the beauty of the Seidler Group’s portfolio. Projects needed to be showcased in a highly stylised yet functional manner, giving insight into the Seidler Group’s process and how it differs from competitors.

The Result

The website Yoke produced for the Seidler Group perfectly encompassed their corporate philosophy of innovative design and real-world functionality. We leveraged custom animation across the site, designed and developed to enhance the user experience and delight prospective customers, in guiding users through the conversion funnel towards core marketing objectives. Since going live, the website has driven significant increases in both overall traffic and user engagement.