eSafety Commissioner 'Online World' Creative Campaign

Spreading an important message for the digital age.

The Background

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner is a Government organisation that helps teach young Australians about online safety. As well as providing education and resources, it also offers a service for those experiencing cyber bullying and addresses illegal online content. As part of its ongoing engagement with schools, The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner developed a programme called ‘ClassAct – The 50 Task Challenge’. The challenge offers a range of quick, daily tasks to be completed in the classroom, designed to help children take control of their online safety.

The Project

Yoke were approached to develop a campaign for the programme including key messaging and the design of the campaign collateral. While the organisation’s work centres around instructing children to be safe online, it was important that this campaign didn’t come across as authoritarian. We needed to engage with an inclusive message and one that wouldn’t turn off our target market of children aged 10-14. It wasn’t about not doing something, but about acting in a socially responsible manner to become a good ‘digital citizen’ a concept that forms a central part of the organisation’s work.

The Results

The campaign, inclusive of A1 poster and accompanying teachers notes, was sent to all of Australia’s 10,000 registered schools. It achieved high levels of take-up and a overwhelmingly positive response. It was also deployed across social media channels and online, with participants encouraged to upload their pledge once they had completed the 50 tasks.