Cacao Brand Identity


The Background

Cacao is a well-known and highly regarded Australian business which has created handcrafted, premium chocolate since 2003. Although they have enjoyed continual success over the years, Cacao felt that its existing brand mark did not accurately communicate the high quality of its offering to the market.


The Project

We wanted the Cacao brand to truly reflect the artisanal craft of the chocolate making process, and pay respect to the origins or chocolate itself. This led to the development of elements such as a colour palette that referenced the inside of a cacao pod, graphic elements that were derived from a day of working with the chocolate itself at the Cacao factory, and the incorporation of a stamp based font traditionally found on raw hessian bags used for cacao beans.


The Result

As well as developing a truly stunning brand identity, including brand mark, custom typography and unique colour palette, we designed packaging from individual products to elegant gift hampers. Our integrated and detailed approach to the rebrand of Cacao produced a luxury result, which pushes the brand into the ‘gift giving’ retail space with an experience focused design.