Yoke Site Sees Double

A bit of déjà vu going on in the Yoke studio at the moment having made a surprising discovery.

After learning about a blatant case of website plagiarism that happened to Sydney design/developer team The Mealings a few months back, our CD Richie wrote a blog post about it which you can read here. Now, it appears we have fallen victim to the same crime.

Following a routine check through our Google Analytics reports, we came across some funny looking page URLs that we didn’t recognise.

Yoke's website plagiarised

Tracing the links back we came across a website who are modeling a butchered, yet clearly copied version of our own beloved Yoke site.

The brand mark and contact details had been replaced, as had the full screen images that form the backdrops to our pages, but many other parts of the site were exactly the same including layouts, navigation the ‘Us’ page, featuring photos we took with our camera phones, the blog, with all the posts we wrote and even the team page with photos of the guys and gals from the Yoke studio. They’ve even half inched our keywords and meta descriptions!

Turns out the business had no clue whatsoever about us, our site or any copying of code. They had been dealing with a third party OS supplier.

Cases such as this seem to be becoming more and more common and given the ease with which someone can access the code of your site with a simple right click, there isn’t really much that can be done about it.

Copywriting in a footer means nothing in this country. So keep an eye on your analytics and if you notice something untoward, certainly take action check it out. Remember that, like in this case, the people who the site appears to belong to may well be in the dark about what’s been going on.

The web is a big place that is difficult to police, but no one likes their work to be copied so please be vigilant, lock up your windows and doors and check under the bed at night because you never know where the web thieves are lurking!

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